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Infographic of osteoporosis in women. We offer efficient osteoporosis treatments

Osteoporosis or “brittle bone disease” has become a major health concern for many Americans. It affects far more women than men, though either sex can suffer the progressive loss of bone density that leads to fractures of the wrists, spine or hips. Bone is not a static tissue- it is constantly being broken down (a process known as resorption) and rebuilt throughout our lives. If less bone is being made than is disappearing, it becomes porous and easily broken.

Known as “the silent epidemic,” osteoporosis often makes its presence known only when a sufferer incurs a surprise fracture after a minor fall. Visible symptoms are loss of height and the development of a stoop or “dowager’s hump” as the skeleton weakens and shrinks.

Up to one in four in one women are believed to be at risk of osteoporosis, which is thought to be closely linked to fall in hormone levels, vitamin and mineral deficiencies or lack of sufficient dietary protein.

How we identify and treat Osteoporosis at our Clearwater clinic.

The first step is to order a bone resorption test which measures if you are losing bone density at a rate which could put you at risk for osteoporosis. By finding this out, your practitioner can recommend natural supplementation to ensure you are maintaining excellent bone health. Repeated testing every 2 or 3 months will allow us to adjust your therapy so you can achieve the most benefit in the shortest time.

Many Tampa Bay residents have improved their bone health with guidance from our practitioners, and you can, too.

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