How to Achieve Vibrant Health

The Path to Optimum Health

Optimum health

Optimum Health: A person whose body is in excellent condition, with plentiful energy and freedom from pain. The body of a person with optimum health should be able to deal with routine environmental stressors without breaking down, and should be able to recover quickly after physical insults. It should allow a person trouble free performance so that he or she can enjoy the maximum lifespan of his or her genetic endowment.

Health is not a static state – it is determined by the daily lifestyle choices you make and the inherited strengths and weaknesses of your body. All individuals have their own unique optimum health for their body. This optimum state is a condition that can be measured by both objective and subjective indicators.

Theory of the Pathway

Usually, ill health is a path that one has been on, perhaps unknowingly, for many years. It’s the accumulation of lifestyle and environmental stress that has then overwhelmed the organism, gradually degraded it, and then ever so slowly caused its degeneration.

Most people are surprised when an event finally occurs that wakes them up and tells them they are sick. For 35% of people with heart disease, there are no symptoms until the sudden heart attack they die from. For breast cancer, one often hears, “Oh, I was in the best of health until my doctor told me he felt a lump and said I had cancer.”


Cancer and heart disease are not sudden, unpredictable events. The preludes to ill health have been going on for years, and if looked for, can be found and dealt with long before any catastrophic event occurs.

The Pathway to Optimum Health is a way to undo one’s past anti-biological living. It is the sequence of how to rebuild and put back into function the systems that were there, to give us many decades of trouble-free living. As much as anything, it is an education for individuals to learn, maybe for the first time, how to take care of their body so that it gives them more optimum performance.

There are 11 different stages in the Path to Optimum Health. As you progress along each stage, you handle the important organ systems of your body, bringing them up to a more ideal state of function.

As you work upward along the path, you are likely to experience increased energy and physical vitality. Your body will not as easily be overwhelmed by the environment, and you will be able to better accomplish life’s duties without pain or fatigue. You will have more stamina, better resistance to infection, better digestion, and better muscle function.

Your body will be able to control the environment better, because it will be less susceptible to noxious outside influences. As you rise up through the Pathway to Optimum Health and maintain it, your improved physical health will able you to more fully enjoy and participate in life.

The Pathway


  • Eat the optimum diet for your health.
  • Correct any nutritional deficiencies.

Food is what your body uses to make its structure and is also the fuel to run it. The more suited that food is in the components of protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, and vitamins in both quality and quantity to your genetics, the better your body will grow, maintain, recover, and perform disease free.

If your diet has excesses or deficiencies of any essential nutrient, illness can occur. There is a way to work a proper diet out for each person. Once you know what diet is best for you, food can be a source of fuel and enjoyment for the rest of your life.


  • Exercise and be physically fit.

For eons, man has survived based on the physical prowess of his body. Whether as the hunter or the gatherer, many hours a day were spent in motion, doing physical work.

Today, most of us are sedentary. We work at desks, in front of computer screens, sitting on airplanes. Our bodies stagnate. We’re flabby, out of shape, get out of breath walking up a single flight of stairs (if we even walk up the stairs!).

Exercising daily to get your heart pumping, your sweat flowing, and your muscles working is a necessary component of health for both your body and mind.


  • Resolve any toxic, allergic, and infectious issues that block the nervous system from being able to regulate homeostasis (the normal function of the body.)

The Autonomic Nervous System is a web-like network of communication and regulation pathways through which the body runs itself in order to survive. If your body cannot communicate with itself, it cannot regulate itself.

For example, when it’s hot outside, your nervous system perceives this through your skin sensors, sends a message to your brain, and then many changes occur within your body to adapt and to be in optimum condition for the increased temperature. You begin to perspire, breathe faster, dilate blood vessels in your skin to lose heat, and so on. If these changes did not occur quickly, you can overheat and become ill.

When your Autonomic Nervous System is not blocked by any toxin, infection, allergen, it can regulate your body to optimize its condition, even in extreme environments.


  • Ensure healthy blood, vessels, immune system, and lymph nodes.

Blood vessel disease such as heart attacks and strokes are major causes of health problems. Blood deficiencies (anemia), stagnant lymph drainage (edema), and sluggish immune function (frequent colds or flus) are also common.

Special treatments that target the blood, vessels, immune system, and lymph nodes can improve your health by clearing out the factors that cause these illnesses.


  • If we can relieve the body of allergies to factors in the environment, health will improve.

Allergies are reactions to common substances that most people do not react to. The origin of the word allergy comes from the Greek and means “altered energy.” If you have allergies, your body’s energy is altered to produce reactions that you shouldn’t have. By handling this area with a very special non-invasive treatment, you can help your body overcome, quickly and easily, symptoms from common foods, plants, and animals.


  • Treat scars blocking the autonomic nervous system regulation.
  • Be able to perspire normally.

A big portion of your autonomic nervous system runs through your skin. If your skin is cut or injured, often times the nerves in your skin are injured also. They may not function normally after that, and so block nerve flow to another area of your body.

For example, sometimes patients have hip pain after a gall bladder operation. The scar from the gall bladder blocks the nerve flow to the hip, and pain results. Sometimes scars can affect sweating (too much or too little), cause areas to be numb, elevate blood pressure, or even cause weight gain.


  • Your gums, mouth, and teeth should be in good repair, without interference from infection, cavitations, root canal teeth, or toxic metals.

In more than 80% of chronically ill people, dental problems are a major contributor to the perpetuation of that illness. The toxins from dental problems can be absorbed into your body and weaken the immune system. An evaluation by a Biological dentist can locate and correct these ills to help restore health.


  • Ensure optimal digestion and assimilation of food and nutrients as well as elimination of waste.
  • Your liver detoxification should be keeping up with your body’s needs.

If the food you eat is not digested and assimilated, deficiencies in your body will occur. And if your waste is not eliminated, the poisons in your waste will be reabsorbed right back into your body. Both your digestion and elimination must function for health to exist.

If your liver can’t detoxify the many chemicals and substances you come in contact with each day, you can develop chronic health problems. Nearly every known body problem can be traced back to a problem in the digestion and elimination systems.


  • Your blood sugar and hormones should be at optimal levels.

Glandular problems are the leading causes of illness today. Diabetes, thyroid disease, and menopause are all endocrine-hormone imbalances. Many times these glands can be restored to more optimal function either with nutrition and detoxification, or through natural hormone replacement therapy.


  • Hormone balances in your body should result in normal energy and sleep.

Your body’s top regulating areas are in your brain and consist of hypothalamic and pituitary glands as well as their communication pathways with other areas of your body. If your body is in poor condition, from deficiency and toxicity, these glands may be affected. As a result, you may suffer a loss of energy and have poor sleep.


  • Have well-developed functioning muscles.
  • Diminish any musculoskeletal pain.
  • Tighten tendon/ligament laxity.
  • Ensure healthy alignment of bones and joints.

Chronic pains in any joint, loss of muscle size and strength, or joints coming out of place, are all common in aging people. When your muscles and joints no longer support your body, even getting out of a chair can be problematic. When this occurs, life is no fun.

By ensuring well developed, functioning muscles, proper tendon/ligament strength, and healthy bone and joint alignment, you can help to correct conditions stemming from musculoskeletal problems.


Typically an individual with poor health will have one or more body systems not functioning properly, which results in the illness he or she subsequently suffers. Rather than resorting to drugs to alleviate the symptoms of an illness, if we help the body’s natural system return to normal functioning, the illness usually disappears and the patient recovers.

The recovery process is not an overnight event. It is more like a path to walk. Week by week, as you overcome the causes of illness you will experience more energy, vitality, strength, and wellness until you reach your own level of optimum health.

My goal as a doctor is for all individuals to have a lifestyle so healthy that they start to reach their peak physical health at age 65 and then ride the wave through 100, dying peacefully in their sleep at an even riper, older age.