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22-year Old College Student Diagnosed with Lyme Disease*

Our Patient Roger’s PEMF Testimonial

I am a 22-year old college student from Houston, TX. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in April 2013. I saw two Lyme doctors and countless other medical professionals for treatment and diagnosis. I had to drop out of school for eight months to do treatments at home so that my Mom and Dad could take care of me.

In April, 2015, I had my first appointment with Dr. Minkoff. I spent a week doing IVs and autoimmune shots at the clinic before doing an internship over the summer. I returned to the clinic this past week (Aug ’15) for two weeks of treatments and a follow-up with Dr. Minkoff.

My depression has lessened significantly and other symptoms are getting better. This has been due to all of the supplements and the IVs. I would never have been able to work all summer by myself or to go back to school without the help of Dr. Minkoff and his awesome staff. After I graduate, I have a snowboard instructor position in Colorado for the winter!

Maddie. P.

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