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Cassie’s Lyme Disease Treatment Success*

Our Patient Cassie Received Efficient Treatment for Lyme Disease and she got her life back.

I came to Dr. Minkoff after being sick for over 15 years and diagnosed as depressed, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I had only learned about Lyme in the past year, but could find no one in Ohio or Indiana that could help me. I could no longer stomach supplements and most foods.

I came for the month of August and received great treatment from Lisa, Amelia and Angel (IV room). I went home with a treatment plan to continue ozone therapy and was able to start slowly adding in foods and supplements.

Dr. Minkoff and his caring staff saved my life and I am so grateful. I love that I can come here and know Dr. Minkoff is brilliant and he and his staff will take great care of me. I tell everyone who comes to push through and follow protocol.

Cassie. K.   

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