Lyme Disease Testimonials

Donna’s Lyme Disease Treatment Success*

Scheleton of a patient suffering from joint pain caused by Lyme disease

Thank you all for your kindness while having my treatments. It was such a comfort to me knowing the professionalism Dr. Minkoff has here at LifeWorks. Each and every person was an asset to my healing. When I first came here, it was a hope that I would go home well. The HOCATT helped with sweating out the toxins and killing the Lyme.

The MAS MAT was making my joints feel better and pain go away. All the IV’s slowly gave me more flexibility. The Prolozone really helps repair the scar tissue in my neck and lower back from a car accident from 30+ years. I know when I go home; I will have a renewed outlook on my life. Thanks to all.

Blessings to you Dr. Minkoff and the IV family. Your faithfulness to your job and measured kindness and love will always be remembered. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you is too small for my deep gratitude.

Donna. P.

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