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Hannah’s Lyme Disease Treatment Success*

Our patient hannah's testimonial after having recovered from lyme

After a year of believing what I thought was fibromyalgia, my life was forever changed. Taking anti-depressants that caused my adrenal glands to be damaged. I had impossible days, where I was unable to walk 15 feet to the bathroom, had terrible stomach pains and depression. I knew that my life couldn’t be this way forever. So I got my last opinion before giving up and I found LifeWorks.

After all the testing it had been determined that I had Lyme disease and leaky gut causing me to gain 35 lbs. I stayed positive as much as I could. After 10 IV’s and HOCATT’s, I am able to run miles again. I have learned healthy yummy foods to help better my body.

After the worse year of my life, at 19 years old – still in college – I have regained my life back to the fullest.

I am so grateful for all the staff’s help and support in my full recovery.

Hannah P

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