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13 months ago when I first walked into LifeWorks I was at death door. All previous doctors labeled me with IBS and referred me to psychiatrists. They wrote prescriptions for various drugs that only made me sicker.

When I came to LifeWorks and read the success stores on the wall, I promised myself that I would be writing one on my 1 year anniversary. One year ago I had my pic line placed in my arm and began IV treatments. As I sat in the chair getting my IV treatments once in a while a patient would show up looking so healthy, smiling, and enjoying their day. They knew all the staff and would talk about how well they were and back working. I thought to myself, is this really possible? I had already started altering my life to one of living as disabled. Is it possible I could get my old life back? That is why I am writing this story. The answer is yes!
Another patient told me in the waiting room on my 4th IV treatment that Lyme is not curable, it devastated me but I decided to listen to Dr. Minkoff and not this patient. I wanted to share that it was not easy but with persistence, dedication, and a strong drive to be well and take my life back, I listened to and followed Dr. Minkoff’s treatment plan. I went from 99 pounds to a healthy 118 pounds. I have more strength and muscle than I have ever had in my 45 years of life.

I spent 4 months with IV treatments and the past year taking all the supplements recommended. I stuck to a strict low carb diet, used mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and exercised at the gym almost daily rebuilding my muscles and doing cardio.

When I met Dr. Minkoff it changed my life forever. I lived in a dying body and he gave me the knowledge I needed to fight disease. I love myself for the first time and I am careful not to expose myself to toxins. I understand now that what I eat, drink, breath, touch, think affects my health, as well as the people I choose to let in my life. I was unable to work for the past 2 years. I just successfully completed 1 month at my new full time job. I am still healing but I would estimate I am at 90% well whereas 1 year ago I was at 10%. I am so thankful that the next visit to LifeWorks, I am that healthy smiling person, who knows the staff, talking about my new job.

Thank you Dr. Minkoff and the LifeWorks staff!!!

Kristen. H.

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