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Luc’s ALS Patient Success Story*

A man is holding a little plant in his hands. Luc’s als patient success story

After 2 years of chasing symptoms, and seeing multiple doctors and specialists, I was finally given the most cruel death sentence of ALS by a neurologist and this got confirmed by another neurologist.

I got worse by the day and eventually had to get a feeding tube as I wasn’t able to absorb food without spending hours over a toilet coughing up phlegm and food.

Eventually we found Dr. Minkoff and made an appointment to see him on the 4th of January 2016. By the time I got here, I couldn’t even stand up without losing breath and had to be carted around in a wheelchair. I felt so bad that I thought I might die soon or hospitalized and not be able to get back to Canada.

After thorough testing, I was diagnosed to have Lyme disease as well as parasites and bacterial infection as well as many other debilitating factors. I began treatment the following day after seeing Dr. Minkoff and within 2 weeks, started feeling better. Each week after that, my health improved in leaps and bounds and 5 weeks into the treatment and supplements, I was now able to walk and stand up for minutes without losing breath. My voice started to return as I was able to say a few words and be understood. I am now able to eat again puree food with small portion of meat and drink fluids.

I’m no longer fearing death and feel fantastic in comparison to when I got here. I’m totally confident that I will recover to full health by continuing the supplements and treatment.

I want to thank Dr. Minkoff and his staff for saving my life. There are no words that can describe how grateful I am.

Luc. C.  

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