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Lyme Disease Answers*

Lyme Disease Answers

Dr. Minkoff and staff:

My time here has been life-changing. When I arrived three months ago I felt my life was going down the drain. I had multiple issues and no answers. Traditional medicine had done all it could do and could no longer sustain me on the many terrible medications prescribed. If I had continued on that path, I don’t think I would be here in five years.

Coming to LifeWorks, I got answers. No more fighting in the dark. I now have a goal, a target and a purpose. That’s life-changing!! I no longer feel hopeless and know I can overcome the many issues. I am truly thankful for the opportunity and care from you and your awesome staff. This is a family of beautiful, caring, knowledgeable people who I am privileged to know. LifeWorks is changing and saving lives. Thank you. God bless and keep you all.

Gwendolin. N.

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