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When my husband Steve and I arrived at LifeWorks Wellness Center, we were hopeful and yet somewhat apprehensive, wondering if the investment of time and resources would prove to make a difference. I read success stories, mainly interested in the results. So here is the bottom line for Steve: beginning of treatment: fatigue, brain fog, positive for Lyme (all 6 co-infections!), cytomegalovirus (CMV), prostate cancer and a degenerating brain condition affecting his speech and language center, plus digestive issues. After 4 and a half months he is leaving with no Lyme, bacteria or viruses evident on recheck, and no prostate cancer. While his brain issue has not resolved, Dr Minkoff has given him a plan moving forward and we are hopeful. Digestive issues and fatigue also improved.

What is not measurable, yet had a huge impact during treatment, was the support of the staff. Each person who treated Steve was nurturing, caring, kind and cheerful. He was treated as a person, not just a patient. From the front desk at sign in, to the nurses, technicians, patient care coordinators, and checkout staff – all were wonderful! Add to that Dr. Minkoff’s expertise and genuine concern. We will miss each one and are thankful for Steve’s experience here.

– Cheryl. S

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