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Lyme Disease Treatment Success*

Lyme disease causing tick on a patient's finger. We heal Lyme naturally

Thank you Dr. Minkoff and your wonderful staff at LifeWorks for giving me my life back.

When I walked into the clinic, I had been searching for answers since 2006. I was a complete mess. I had zero energy. My energy was so low I was unable to walk and even sometimes talk. My entire day was spent in bed.

For eight years, symptoms were piling on symptoms. Not a single doctor of the 18-plus doctors I saw could ever explain my list of over 30 symptoms.

Dr. Minkoff diagnosed me with Lyme disease. After 10 weeks of treatment I feel like a new person. I have my energy back and so many of my symptoms are gone.

I am so grateful that I will be able to now take care of my two small children and return to work. I know I still have some work to do to make myself completely well, but I can now return to having a normal life after years of searching for answers. I will be forever grateful!


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