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Shana’s  Lyme Disease Treatment Success Story*

Shana’s Lyme Disease Treatment Success Story

I got bitten in July 2015 and went to over 10 different doctors and specialists, but nobody could give me a proper diagnosis. I was in such bad shape, could barely walk, and felt like I was slowly dying!

My life changed when I met ARNP Jennifer Baer at LifeWorks Wellness Center. She was so warm and caring and was the first person I met that listened to me and gave me hope! She performed her examination on me and at the time I couldn’t even sit up on my own. I was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. I knew I would have a tough road ahead of me, but for once I felt confident that I would have all the help and support I would need.

I started on a supplement regimen. Mary Pat was extremely helpful and patient walking me through since it was a little overwhelming. Next, I started extensive treatment in the IV room. The staff is absolutely amazing!!! They treated me like a person, not just a patient. Also, I met some incredible people in the IV room and made friendships that I will treasure forever. I did AET with Lisa who was phenomenal. I always left with a smile on my face. In April, I started HOCATT and have had great success with this treatment as well. Amelia is so sweet and made me feel so comfortable. The support from all the departments at LifeWorks is incredible. I am so grateful to be feeling better and getting my life back.

Shana. B.

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