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Curing Lyme Disease – Causes & Solutions

Dr. Minkoff talks about cancer prevention

This is an interview with Dr. Minkoff on the Natural Health 365 Talk Hour on Curing Lyme Disease, Causes & Solutions. Jonathan Landsman and Dr. David Minkoff discuss the symptoms of Lyme disease, plus, a treatment plan that’s more effective than the antibiotic regimen promoted by Western medicine. Join us for a show filled with surprising facts about this debilitating condition – and come away with practical, life-changing advice about how to diminish its effects.

In this Interview

  • Symptoms of Lyme Disease
  • Causes of Lyme Disease
  • When Antibiotics are Useful for Lyme Disease
  • Leaky Gut, Infections & Lyme
  • Diet for Lyme Disease
  • Relieving the Body’s Toxic Burdens
  • The Causes of Disease, Incorrect Misdiagnoses & Labeling
  • What to Do if You Think You Have Lyme Disease
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