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Pop Rock Singer Avril Lavigne Battles Lyme Disease

Pop rock singer avril lavigne battles lyme disease

In April of 2015, Avril Lavigne revealed to People magazine that she had been diagnosed with a chronic form of Lyme disease. Avril dealt with inexplicable symptoms for months until finally being correctly diagnosed and put on a path to recovery. Her publicized experience with Lyme helps to raise awareness of the chronic disease that continues to affect thousands, perhaps millions, every year.

The Mysterious Symptoms of  Avril Lavigne’s Lyme Diagnosis

For Lyme carriers, it’s a frustrating experience to try and describe symptoms to someone who is not afflicted with the debilitating disease.

Avril Lavigne says in her People magazine interview, “I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t move…I thought I was dying.” With symptoms ranging from headaches to severe muscle aches, Lyme is a disease bearing many disguises.

Unable to figure out the cause for her sudden ailments, Avril Lavigne steered away from the spotlight for months, bedridden as a result of her pain and exhaustion.

 Her symptoms began with mild lethargy and lightheadedness, and escalated to nerve-deep aches and pains that left her unable to carry out a normal life. Lyme symptoms often come and go and in varying degrees of severity, making proper diagnosis all the much more difficult.

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Puzzling Symptoms Lead to Lyme Misdiagnosis

Despite the onset of early symptoms, Avril Lavigne was misdiagnosed several times. Test after test, diagnosis after diagnosis, and Avril Lavigne was still left untreated. After complaining that she did not have the strength to get out of bed, doctors even suggested that she was just suffering from depression.

 Avril Lavigne had access to the country’s top healthcare providers and esteemed doctors and was still misdiagnosed. She claims doctors would label her disease as “Chronic fatigue syndrome.” Other specialists would advise Avril to get up out of bed and play the piano, as if her symptoms were just a temporary bout of sadness.

After multiple frustrating visits to the doctor’s office, Avril was eventually corectly diagnosed with Lyme disease. The fact that it took so long for professionals to figure out what was wrong made Avril very aware of the critical nature of Lyme disease and it’s masked prevalence throughout the world.

Raising Awareness about Lyme Disease

Avril quickly learned that misdiagnosis is a common struggle Lyme sufferers have dealt with. Avril states, “This is what they do to a lot of people that have Lyme disease. They don’t have an answer for them, so they tell them…’You’re crazy.’”

Avril is standing firm on the battleground against Lyme disease. With a newly launched campaign that aims to raise awareness and treatment funds for Lyme disease through the Avril Lavigne Foundation, Avril hopes to provide care for those who cannot afford the critical treatment necessary to alleviate Lyme disease.

 “I’m excited that this year’s campaign is supporting people with Lyme disease and helping others to better understand this issue…”Only a small percent of people get the early diagnosis and treatment that is so important in fighting the disease.”

Avril’s five week campaign is one of the many ways celebrities diagnosed with Lyme are combatting the issue publicly.

Lyme is Often Misdiagnosed

Traditional doctors can mistakenly overlook the telltale signs of Lyme disease. Rather than evaluating the symptoms as a whole, they can mistakenly generalize a dominant symptom which leads to an incorrect and faulty diagnosis. This further confuses the patient, leaving them with an unresolved condition at best and mistreatment at worst. As a result, we have a growing population of chronic Lyme sufferers who are not even aware they have Lyme disease and yet are being treated with powerful drugs, anti-depressants and other potentially harmful medications.

In the best of cases, when patients are correctly diagnosed with Lyme disease, they undergo a series of antibiotic treatments that may or may not eradicate the disease completely. It may just send the disease into a dormant state, only to reappear later in life. Also, these antibiotics will often destroy most of the good bacteria that defends your immune system leaving patients open to viral or other bacterial attack in the future.

Pioneers In Lyme Disease Treatment

Pioneers in alternative & complementary health care are at the forefront of Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment and have helped to develop protocols which are helping patients recover from Lyme. While treatment with antibiotics should be done immediately following a bite from a tick, often times Lyme can lay dormant for years and flare up later in life. When this happens it is often necessary to employ a fuller spectrum of powerful Lyme treatment strategies over a period of time, to both support the immune system and to eradicate every last vestiges of such an invasive Lyme infection.

One such protocol includes using ozone therapy. Low oxygen levels have been directly linked with chronic ailments including Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and even cancer. The supercharged ozone (O3) is administered via Biophoton Therapy & UVBI treatment, and will give your body the fighting chance it needs to eradicate harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Ozone combined with targeted IV’s such as Myers’ Cocktails and when needed needed, other therapies such as Hocatt (ozone steam sauna), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) and Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (MAS Mat) can make all the difference to a Lyme patient’s life.

Get the Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

Many patients have come to our facilities from all over the world, suffering with debilitating health symptoms for years. Most were unaware of what Lyme disease even was before arriving and yet many have tested positive for Lyme disease. Our patient testimonials reveal the same struggles many Lyme sufferers have faced with traditional doctors misdiagnosing them.

At LifeWorks Wellness Center, we understand and effectively treat most chronic health conditions and we have also become acutely aware of the prevalence of Lyme disease. As a result, we will not hesitate to require Lyme Disease testing when presented with potential indicators of Lyme disease.

If you feel you are being afflicted with chronic Lyme disease symptoms that are not being effectively treated, please give us a call at (727) 466-6789 today. We are one of the top Lyme Disease treatment clinics in the U.S. We will test you for Lyme from the beginning, so you can get treated as soon as possible. Our Lyme Disease treatment protocol has effectively treated many patients and we are confident that it can help you get back on the road to recovery.

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