Neural (Scar) Therapy Testimonials

Neural (Scar) Therapy Successes*

Woman torso with perfectly looking skin, after having received neural scar therapy at lifeworks

46 year-old female C.C. “I have hypertension, I’m fat and I hate Florida because I can’t sweat.” I asked her how long she had had these symptoms and she said since she had moved to Florida, 14 years before. I asked her what had happened just before that and she told me she had had her second child. I asked what the method of delivery was and she said “C Section”. Bingo!

We treated all her scars – chin, forehead, knee and C Section. When she got off the table after I had finished, her hair was wet with sweat and the table was drenched. She told me that was the first time she had been able to sweat in 14 years. Her autonomic nervous system had turned on, and she was no longer blocked.

The following month her blood pressure went to normal and she came off her meds. She lost 20lbs with no change in diet and over the ensuing 6 months she regained her size 3, from the size 12 she was when we first met. And she continued to perspire when she was warm.

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