Neural (Scar) Therapy Successes*

B.R. is a 63-year old female who came to LifeWorks with chronic diarrhea of two years duration. Her symptoms had started when she was treated for colon cancer with 8 inches of her transverse colon re-sectioned. She had tolerated the procedure well except for the intractable diarrhea that followed.

She had as many as 20 movements a day. This caused her to be pretty much housebound. Multiple GI specialists had seen her without relief and workups had been negative. She was diagnosed with atypical short bowel syndrome. On her first visit to LifeWorks her exam was negative, except for an 8 inch horizontal trans-abdominal scar from her prior surgery.

We treated her abdominal scar with procaine, Traumeel and Pleo Nig. A week after treatment she called me and said "My diarrhea is gone. I am only going a couple of times a day and my stools are mostly formed. I can leave my house! Thank you." Her symptoms began to return after about 6 months, so we treated her again, and then again after a year. That was in 2004 and she has been fine ever since.


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       *Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient's medical history and other factors.


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