Neural (Scar) Therapy Testimonials

Success Story Scar Therapy*

Happy woman holding a cup of tea, thankful for having recovered thanks to the scar therapy

My first time visit was with nurse Jennifer. What was remarkable about the visit is that for the first time a health provider has listened to what I thought could be causing the problem. After years of going to “Doctors” and trying to discuss the cause, I finally found a place that would listen to me.

After discussion, we both agreed a health plan and I am now recovered from that particular issue and know how to avoid the issue. It is remarkable and I thank nurse Jennifer.

At the same visit, I learned about scar therapy and I chose to have it done that same day. Later that day I had an appointment with my physical therapist. The pressure point that was so sensitive was now gone. The scar was very near the pressure point. How amazing!

Thank you to such a wonderful place that listens to its patients and incorporates their thoughts into a wellness plan. Thank you. You guys are awesome.

Janet. T.