PR Manager

Michele is originally from England and she joined LifeWorks in September, 2007, in charge of Public Relations for the clinic.

Bringing a wealth of experience in PR and marketing to her role, markets the clinic to new patients. A great multi-tasker, she is responsible for creating all the content on the LifeWorks website, google ad campaigns, design and location of billboards, print ads and social media. She also coordinates seminars, online summits and radio and tv interview featuring LifeWorks’ practitioners. 

All About Michele

Which talent would you most like to have? To physically be able to fly

Name one thing you love about yourself? My ability to make people cringe when I sing

Do you have pets? A Boxer called Buster

Favorite food? Anything flavored with savory truffles

Ocean or mountains? Mountains

Place you most want to visit? Buenos Aries

Favorite film? Too many to choose

Music you listen to: classic rock, 80s and Gregorian chants

What is your most treasured possession? A Shove Ha’penny board (English board
game) which my Grandfather had made for our family

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Moving to the US from London
alone, not knowing a soul






       *Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient's medical history and other factors.


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