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Amelia & Hocatt Testimonial*

A happy woman. We offer hocatt therapy sessions

I am so grateful for Amelia in the HOCATT room. I came here in August of 2016 very sick with Lyme disease after 15 years of misdiagnosis. I came here alone and fearful/skeptical that I would or could be helped. I cried a lot and Amelia comforted and encouraged me daily in the HOCATT room. She was a beautiful bright light during a very scary time for me. She encouraged me to push through the difficult days and gave me hope. I don’t believe I would have stayed here and pushed through treatment without her love and care. I love when I come back and see her beautiful smiling light.

P.S. – the HOCATT wasn’t easy, but I know it helped bring me health and healing.

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