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Deb’s Mold Testimonial*

Treating mold exposure and healing gerd symptoms!

Dear Dr Minkoff,

I promised a letter and here it is!

First and foremost, thanks for curing me!

My journey began 7 years ago.  I was experiencing severe hair loss, hormone fluctuations, slow thyroid, neuropathy, acid reflux, severe digestive issues, low vitamin levels and extreme fatigue, the list went on and on.

After about 30 doctors and probably over $30,000 in doctor bills and supplements, only 1 doctor discovered that I had a bio-toxin illness brought on from breathing black mold.  The problem was he didn’t have enough experience to treat me.

Thank God for Google!  That’s how I found you and it was a leap of faith coming to you, but I am so glad I did.

I think you are an amazing doctor.  You’re much more knowledgeable about the human body as a whole than any doctor I have met.  You are also truthful in what you consider your areas of expertise. I was there for 5 weeks and out of everything I obviously felt the ozone was the main thing that cured me.

You’re also willing to listen and work with a patient on things they may find difficult.  Most doctors nowadays just write pills based on bloodwork. They cover up the symptoms, not cure the patient.

A special thanks to:

Lisa who’s very loving and really looks after you in the IV room.

The 2 Angels, they have names that suit them!

Amelia such a sweetheart and Mary Pat always with a good story.

Leslie keeps you busy and laughing in the HOCATT room.

And everyone else, a truly wonderful group.


Deb G.

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