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He Had Tears of Joy…*

Prolozone took away our patient's chronic foot pain

Dearest David,

George woke up able to walk on his now-not-painful feet this morning and walked easily — he had tears of joy!!  I have never seen my husband cry with happiness and relief as he did this morning — as the charge kept blowing off his physical ruin…  Unbelievable!!

He told me his whole soggy sorry history of having to live his life over this chronic pain and restricted motion ever since he was a child.  Although he never let this stop him, it was always there as a barrier to be overcome.  Now, as of this morning, it is greatly, greatly diminished and he keeps telling me that what you did here for him was a miracle – the results are already beyond his expectations!

Thank you for giving him the ability to create his future without all this silly pain.  He plans to buy an ozone machine so he can do this treatment on the doggies too!!   I wanted you to know so you could have this win this morning.

We are forever grateful!!

lots of love,


Ps.  I also finally learned how to make Chicken soup and made sure he drank it last night.. However, I think it was the prolozone shots, not the soup that did the trick!!   HA HA HA…

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