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IV Room Testimonial

Iv room testimonial

Must sing to tune of Beverly Hillbillies 😊

Come around folks, I’ve a story to tell,
Of an IV crew, that’s incredibly swell.
When we first came, we were scared as could be,
And now we watch our blood flow rather freely.

Mahala starts the day with her beautiful smile.
She calls out your name with dignity and style.
She remembers a blanket and pillow too,
Then takes your BP that she whispers to you.

Then in comes Al, he’s as helpful as can be,
He works so hard he can do the job of 3.
He likes to race and we do too,
And it’s really fun when the winner is you!

Rosie in the back is the EBOO queen.
If you’ve got inflammation, she will filter it clean.
She always has a smile and lots of tape on hand,
To make your experience incredibly grand.

Alesha is skilled and totally fun,
To do a great job, she will get it done.
With empathy, compassion and a willing spirit too,
Whatever you want she will get it for you.

Wanda is the anchor on the left side crew.
She tends to the IV’s and sees them through.
She’s kind and caring while she makes your treatments good,
As she’s the senior member of the IV Hood.

Taylor is new and we’re glad she came.
To learn these new skills, she is “on fire” game!
She fits right in with class and style,
And we expect she’ll be around for a good ole while!

Thankful for Bree who oversees it all.
She runs a tight ship with the healing protocol.
It’s greatly appreciated when you get to compare,
Especially to the ER, her quality is quite rare!

You all are different, but together you create
A top notch team, that’s totally first rate!
Your caring, your love, your skill, your crew
We love you all, we thank you, and we’ll REALLY MISS YOU!

John & Margaret

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