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After Hocatt Less Pain Than I’ve Had In Years*

Hocatt helped our patient's heart health

I was seeing multiple heart doctors who all wanted to do surgery to try and “fix” my heart.  I was also seeing multiple doctors for my menstrual cycle and no one could figure that out.

Since I’ve been coming here my heart episodes have gone down from about 7-8 a day to 1-2 a week!!  I also have had my first regular menstrual cycle in 6 years.  I’ve also been dealing with chronic hip pain since I was 13.  (I’ve had 2 hip surgeries due to chronic inflammation).  Since treatments started, I barely feel my hip.  I’ve been in less pain than I’ve been in years.  Overall, my energy has lifted significantly.  I actually have an appetite now too.  Finally feel like I’m in the body of a 23 year old, instead of a 90 year old.  After treatments I won’t ever have to go on heart medicine again!

Thank you Dr. Minkoff and staff!  Also Leslie and Leanna are incredible.  I love HOCATT for them!!!

– Jessica U.

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