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No More Belly Pain!*

The belly of a woman in need of gastrointestinal treatment tampa. We offer leaky gut therapy

What a momentous feeling to enjoy my last treatment at LifeWorks and BE CURED 100%!  I had tried everything before coming here. I was bedridden in pain and miserable with a variety of mostly gut issues.  Turns out my “diagnosis” was a complex one.  I had a horrific case of roundworms, most likely from my travels, non-existent thyroid, toxic levels of glyphosate (Round Up!) and aluminum, and 3 cavitation’s from an old wisdom teeth extraction and a rotten root canal.

The ozone killed the “bad stuff” and helped improve my immune system.  Now I sleep better, feel energized, can think straight, and most importantly – NO MORE BELLY PAIN! 😊

I cannot express just how grateful I am!

Big shoutout/kudos to Tiffany, Leslie, Leanna, Karima, Aryon, Alain, Wanda, Angel, Savannah & Dr. Minkoff of course!  Brilliant and compassionate!

Michelle R.

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