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Ozone Therapy and E. Coli*

E-coli. We offer ozone therapy for e-coli

After years of pain from osteoarthritis, I finally feel relief. A few months before a major neck surgery, I experienced a terrible infection. I was treated with strong antibiotics which seemed to knock it out. I had the surgery which was completely successful but my recovery was long and painful. A year and a few months later, I lost all of my energy, memory and could not get out of bed. No one could diagnose my condition.

I came to Dr. Minkoff and was diagnosed with intestinal E.coli and low white blood cell count. Ozone therapy, Myers’ cocktails, detox and supplements have healed me. I will continue with ozone and Myers’ as needed for optimal health and well-being. The staff is awesome. People get healed here. God bless everyone.


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