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Remarkable Results in just 2 Months!*

Woman sleeping soundly after hocatt program
  • Improved sleep
  • actually feeling when it’s time to go to bed
  • heightened senses
  • sense of smell enhanced
  • improved energy
  • clarity of mind
  • improved skin and flaking of skin
  • candida handled, and
  • weight loss.

All of this in a two-month program.  Quite remarkable!

These two months have been arduous.  We’ve had to swallow many supplements, inject ourselves, drink elixirs, sit for IV’s, sweat through the HOCATT baths and have the BB gun shoot our backs.  All worth it!

The nurses and assistants have been so helpful and friendly, not to mention the friends we’ve made.  I feel like I’ve been to summer camp.

-Lisa P.