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Doctor offering water and pills to a patient. LifeWorks offers efficient Ozone, Hocatt Therapy & Prescriptions

Two of the main reasons I signed up at LifeWorks were improving my general health without prescription drugs and my lack of sweating. I associated this with a skin infection and severe itching. Using the Hocatt treatment I was disappointed until #5 while Amelia, the angel she is, kept encouraging me to be patient, which I am not.

#5 started some sweat to flow but it wasn’t until #6 that I really began to sweat profusely – I hope it doesn’t drip on this success story! Now I am hoping the skin infection and itching will improve.

Thanks Amelia for all the encouragement and I am looking forward to my next 4 sessions.

Charles. S.

Ozone Treatment Testimonials

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