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Lifeworks offers efficient hocatt therapy to patients suffering from various diseases

I love Hocatt. Since I tried it, I didn’t want to stop. After a treatment in the Hocatt, my energy increases so much. I feel lighter and I can do things I haven’t been able to do for a long time. Skin is the biggest organ in the body and I am so pleased my skin responds so well. My skin absorbs big amounts of ozone which helps my body kill all the stuff that shouldn’t be there.

At the same time, it cleans up all the bad things and takes them out of the body through sweat.It really is an amazing experience and it helps me more than double my progress to full health.


I am using the Hocatt because I know that toxins have entered my body from the air, food and chemicals and it is my belief that the real cause of disease stems from these toxins.

I want to treat causes, not symptoms so by removing the toxins from my body and strengthening my immune system which the Hocatt successfully does, this is my most effective and rapid route to a healthy body.


Jan 30, 2014

Dear David,

I was impressed seeing your clinic booming. Great new staff. Very, very well done. I tried yesterday the Ozone-“egg”, it works excellent. I will book tomorrow 10 egg-times. I also bought the Cowden-program and will start Monday on it. With the IVs I want to wait 1 week – till I am fit enough.


Hi David,

Good news!

Did some ozone-sessions. (6 so far)..seems to work well! I notice already some positive changes. But I have to do more…20 at least. In addition I do the Cowden-protocol, as George and you advised.

Thank you for your help, I am very grateful.


P.S. Just a note on Lisa: Very good, up-toned, positive person.
Promote her!

I love it!! From the first time I was in it, I knew it was for me. I immediately felt rejuvenated and heightened energy with overall relaxation. The steam with the hint of ozonated air allowed me to breathe deeply into my lungs. The treatment did not irritate my breast cancer skin lesions. Upon opening the hatch after treatment, I noticed that I was not soaking wet from steam and dried quickly. My skin was so soft and cleansed. During the series of treatments, I began noticing more inner strength and vitality. My cellulite became less noticeable on my thighs and realized this is a great way to gently detox my whole body. Blood draws showed a more fluid bright red flow into the syringes. This treatment plan added with my second set of IPT treatments caused an increased improvement each week that I have never seen before. My breast tumors were healing! I have had my own personal ozonated hot tub and sauna in the past and prefer The Egg due to its gentleness on my body. I would love to have The Egg in my home! I highly recommend this treatment to everyone.

Mary Lou W

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