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Rozone Therapy & Food Allergies*

Healthy fruits in a ball. Lifeworks offers rozone therapy for various  food allergies

While Rozone isn’t my most favorite treatment, it has been something that changed my life! I have struggled with GI issues and up to 30 food allergies for the past eight years. Intestinal pain was part of my everyday life. By my third Rozone treatment, the pain started subsiding. After one week of Rozone, most of the pain was gone.

I can now tolerate some oils/fats and protein in my diet. I feel like my digestion has improved. I forgot how good it is to feel well! If you fear this treatment, Amelia does everything possible to make you comfortable and give you a good experience.

The Rozone has been a huge blessing as I progress in recovering from chronic Lyme disease. Thank you Dr. Minkoff, Amelia and staff.

Hannah. C.

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