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Sweating Toxins Out with Hocatt*

Happy patient after sweating toxins out with hocatt

On 11/9/21 I had my first HOCATT experience, Charlotte was training Jae to operate the O3 chamber.  I really liked the idea of using O3 and heat to sweat out the toxins in my body.  She said she was being trained to be certified on the HOCATT chamber.  The next time on Thursday Jae came and got me for my treatment all by herself.  She has always been prompt and on schedule for me to get done with the treatment and on to my next appointment.  She told me to always take a shower if I was to be over 4 hours so the treatment would work the best.  She was always checking on me to make sure I was doing fine and asked me how much time I had left.  She is really cheerful and pleasant to the patients.  She is doing an excellent job in the HOCATT rooms.

-Ted R.

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