UVBI Treatment for Lyme Disease*

What a miracle the UVBI treatments are. For several years I became more and more debilitated by chronic Lyme disease with no hope of treatment because of my severe allergies. That was until I was made aware of LifeWorks and the possibility of ozone therapy. From day 1, the entire staff welcomed me into the healing family, and the IV room is no exception.

Walking in for my first IV session, any first day jitters or anxiety quickly disappeared as the friendly, caring nature of the IV technicians and nurses was evident. Their upbeat and cheerful spirits create an environment where patients feel like family which helps tremendously as we travel this long, sometimes difficult road to healing.

The ozone IVs have already made such a difference to my life. My short term memory has begu to improve and every day I see small changes taking place as I win this battle of Lyme. The UVBI treatments are such a powerful weapon in this battle. For me a major change since starting the IV therapy is that for the first time ever, I no longer have any signs of jaundice in my hands, feet or face. To not be yellow any more is a huge victory for me and is just one of the many signs of the great impact that the UVBI treatments are having on my body.

I am so grateful for these life-saving treatments and for the entire new family I have gained in the staff and other patients here at LifeWorks. 


       *Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient's medical history and other factors.


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