Ozone Therapy

Killing Pathogens in the Body with Ozone

Killing pathogens in the body with ozone. We offer ozone therapy for various conditions

Pathogens thrive in the body when there is a shortage of oxygen present, which is why older people tend to fall prey to chronic conditions, because as we age our oxygen intake can become depleted, especially among those who do not regularly exercise. Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg stated that “a lack of oxygen at cellular level” is the primary pre-condition for the development of cancer.

One way to prevent pathogens from disrupting cell function, or to help to kill them before they can do more damage, is by administering ozone therapy.

How Ozone Destroys Pathogens

Since the 1850s, ozone has been used in health care to disinfect operating rooms and sterilize instruments. It was then used to disinfect drinking water by killing bacteria and viruses and in the First World War it was used to clean wounds. It is now used by many doctors in the U.S. to treat a large number of chronic conditions.

Ozone destroys pathogens in a number of ways. The function of white blood cells is to protect the body from “foreign invaders” such as cancer cells, fungi, bacteria and viruses and ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells, which in turn means the body is able to defend itself.

Globular proteins known as interferons rule every aspect of the body’s immune system and ozone therapy significantly increases their levels in the body. Ozone therapy also kills most bacteria, all types of fungi and most viruses, too.

How Many Ozne Treatments Will I Need?

Ozone treatments come in many forms and depending on the condition, a patient might require a small number of treatments or many. Ozone can be administered in different ways; topically, through the ears, into the bladder, vagina or rectum, via an ozone steam sauna and through different IV applications.

For acute but not severe infections, 2-10 treatments should suffice. For conditions which may have gone undiagnosed for a while like mold or a virus, somewhere in the region of 10-25 treatments may be required. For chronic conditions such as cancer and Lyme disease a possible 40-50 treatments may be needed.

Contact Us About Medical Ozone Therapy

LifeWorks Wellness Center is considered by many to be Florida’s top ozone therapy clinic and patients travel from all over the country to seek treatment. That is because the variety of ozone treatment options at this Tampa Bay clinic exceeds anything available to them where they live. Ozone is recommended to nearly every patient at LifeWorks and the results are almost always very positive.

We have offered ozone therapy to many patients to help them regain their health and we would love to help you, too. To become a patient, or for more information, feel free to call our New Patient Coordinator at (727) 466-6789 or simply submit an online web inquiry with your request.