Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapies

A person receving ozone therapy as an intramuscular injection

Ozone Therapies for Health

Ozone is found in its natural state in higher levels of the atmosphere and is blue in color, hence the sky is blue. In medical use, ozone is made by passing pure oxygen through an electric coil which gives it three atoms, instead of two, making it O3. It is the addition of the third oxygen atom that makes ozone “supercharged” oxygen and gives it all of its remarkable medical properties.

How Does Ozone Work in the Body?

Ozone increases the amount of oxygen in the body, which may help the body to heal by:

  • reducing the clogging of blood cells
  • detoxifying the liver
  • decreasing uric acid in the body
  • improving circulation and oxygen supply
  • decreasing fat (cholesterol and triglycerides)
  • killing viruses, bacteria, and fungus
  • improving the activity of the white blood cells
  • improving the metabolism of cells
  • slowing down the aging process

Ozone for Anti-Aging

In old age, we find more rheumatic disease, high blood pressure, dizziness, low immune response and cancer. All of these diseases have a direct relationship to diminishing oxygen supply, so by adding oxygen to the body via ozone therapy, many of these diseases may be prevented or successfully treated.

Ozone for Disease

In addition to applications for the aging process, ozone therapy can be used to treat a variety of chronic disease including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, herpes, chronic fatigue states, chemical sensitivity, macular degeneration, chronic bladder conditions, migraine headaches, colitis, autoimmune diseases, and Crohn’s disease.

Ozone Therapies for Health

Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) Ozone Treatment
MAH is the most common, and in most cases the most effective way ozone is administered. The patient relaxes in a chair in the IV room and has 100-250ml of blood removed into a sterilized IV bag. Then ozone is injected into the bag, which is gently shaken, allowing the red and white blood cells to take up the ozone. The ozonated blood is then returned to the body via IV drip. The entire procedure takes about 30-60 minutes.

It may be helpful in the treatment of heart disease and circulatory disorders. Similarly chronic infections such as hepatitis-C, herpes, Lyme, and AIDS may respond very favorably to MAH. It is could also be helpful in chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune diseases.

Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation (UVBI)
Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation (UVBI) a small amount of the patient’s blood is taken, mixed with ozone and returned to the body after being exposed to photon light. Used for viral and bacterial infections and autoimmune disease.

Hocatt Ozone Technology
Hocatt Ozone Technology is an ozone steam sauna where the patient sits in a cabinet with their head exposed to the air, while their body receives an infusion of ozone, carbon dioxide, steam, photo light and oxygen. Used for many chronic health problems.

Otozone Ozone Treatment
Otozone ozone treatment passes ozone directly into the patient’s ears via a stethoscope. Used for head issues, such as sinus infections.

Prolozone Ozone Treatment
Prolozone is derived from the Latin word “proli” which means to regenerate or rebuild, and the word ozone. Prolozone uses the power of oxygen to cause damaged tissues, joints, ligaments, and tendons to regenerate.

To begin with, a solution called a proliferant (a proliferant is something that makes something grow or expand), is injected directly into the site where the weakened ligament attaches to the bone. Then the area is infiltrated with ozone, giving the tissues what they need to heal. The response to treatment varies from person to person, but most people only need from 3-5 treatments.

Prolozone can be applied to just about any pain problem you might have, including

  • neck pain
  • whiplash
  • degenerated or herniated discs
  • low back pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • torn tendons
  • TMJ syndrome
  • sciatica
  • heel spurs
  • neuromas
  • tennis elbow
  • rotator cuff tears
  • knee injuries
  • and virtually any other sports injury.

It may also be very effective even for severe cases of osteoarthritis of the hip or knee.

Chezone Ozone Treatment
Chezone is a combination of chelation therapy and ozone therapy. First, the ozone therapy is delivered by Major Autohemotherapy, as described above. This is immediately followed by chelation therapy, which is an intravenous treatment using a solution containing minerals, vitamins, and a special amino acid called EDTA. This mixture has a strong attraction for heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, nickel, and arsenic, which may now be more readily removed from the body via the urine.

It also causes the mobilization of the calcium deposits that occur in the arteries as we get older. So it can also be used to treat the effects of hardening of the arteries which leads to heart attacks and strokes.

Rozone Ozone Treatment
This therapy is particularly suited to patients who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), colitis and Crohn’s disease. A small amount (between 200-500ml) of the ozone is delivered to the intestine via an intestinal catheter which is inserted into the rectum. This does not cause discomfort, and the ozone is absorbed by the intestine.

Topical Ozone Treatment
This form of ozone treatment is delivered in a bag, making it a particularly useful way of treating limbs. The hand, arm, foot or leg is put in a plastic bag and the bag is sealed. Ozone is run into the bag via a tube for approximately 15 minutes and is absorbed through the skin. Ozone has strong disinfectant properties, making this form of treatment particularly useful for treating wounds and skin infections.

Blozone Ozone Treatment
Blozone Ozone Treatment passes ozone into the bladder via a catheter. Used for bladder infections and cystitis.

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