What are the Side effects of Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is the use of the water soluble gas ozone to treat a variety of medical conditions. Ozone is made up of 3 oxygen molecules (O3) and is a close cousin to ordinary oxygen which has two oxygen molecules (O2). It has been safely used since the 1800’s and is gaining popularity in the U.S. due to the many successes pioneering doctors are having in its medical application toward some of the most stubborn diseases of our times.

By increasing the amount of oxygen present in the body, ozone therapy may help to reduce the clogging of blood cells; detoxify the liver; decrease uric acid in the body; improve circulation and oxygen supply; kill viruses, bacteria and fungus and improve the activity of the white blood cells.

In medical use the gas produced from medical grade oxygen is administered in precise therapeutic doses, and never via inhalation. In our alternative medicine clinic, ozone therapy is one of the safest treatments available and it’s very rare for patients to experience side effects.

In a 1980 study done by the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy, examined results from over 5,579,238 ozone therapy treatments spanning 644 therapists and 384,775 patients. Of these, there were only 0.000007%, (40 cases) of side effects noted. Ozone statistically is proven to be one of the safest medical therapies available.

Ozone Therapy Side Effects

Listed below are the most common side effects of ozone therapy

  • Accidental inhalation may lead to minor symptoms like burning of eyes, coughing, nausea or vomiting, or mild headache in very sensitive individual.
  • Rectal administered ozone may very rarely give mild discomfort, a feeling of passing gas, gurgling, or mild cramps. This is all temporary, mild and passes quickly.
  • Sometimes a patient may have a Herxheimer (Healing) Reaction (detoxification & healing symptoms) during which a patient may feel flu-like symptoms or feel a bit worse temporarily; this improves on continuation of therapy.  This is not an Ozone side effect but a natural healing process seen in other modalities as well.

Positive Side Effects of Ozone Therapy

Some of the positive side effects that may occur are primary improvements in the target health condition but patients may also experience secondary, positive side effects of ozone therapy such as:

  • Hair and nails grow stronger, longer and faster
  • Skin radiates and takes on a healthy glow
  • More physical energy
  • Ability to fall asleep faster and easier and reports of more restful sleep
  • Needing less sleep

Finding an Ozone Therapy Clinic

Lifeworks Wellness Center is long recognized as one of the foremost natural health clinics in the US. Our Tampa Bay, Florida alternative medicine office is one of the pioneers of using ozone therapy for cancer as well as ozone therapy for a variety of conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, herpes, chronic fatigue states, chemical sensitivity, macular degeneration, chronic bladder conditions, migraine headaches, colitis, autoimmune diseases, and Crohn’s disease.

As a result of our patient successes* and our reputation as one of the top alternative medical clinics in the U.S., we ordinarily have patients flying in from all over the world to avail themselves of effective natural health treatments and natural medicine for cancer.

We have helped many patients regain their health and we would love to help you, too. To become a patient or for more information feel free to call the New Patient Scheduler at (727) 466-6789 or simply submit an online web form with your request.

Dr. David Minkoff, M.D.
Founder and Medical Director
In 1995, Dr. Minkoff's wife became ill and her physicians couldn't find what was wrong. Not accepting their "no hope" conclusion, Dr. Minkoff went on a search to help her which led him out of emergency medicine into complementary and alternative medicine to find the answers. In the process he gained expertise in Biological medicine, heavy metal detoxification, anti-aging medicine, hormone replacement therapy, functional medicine, energy medicine, neural and prolotherapy, homeopathy and optimum nutrition. He studied under the masters in each of these disciplines until he became an expert in his own right. The answers he found were soon in demand when others learned of his wife’s return to good health. In response to this, he and his wife, Sue Minkoff RN established Lifeworks Wellness Center in 1997 and it quickly became one of the most comprehensive complementary and alternative medicine clinics in the U.S.

       *Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient's medical history and other factors.


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