Ozone Therapy, Heart Health

What is CheZone and How Does it Improve Heart Health?

Chezone combines three different intravenous regimens at lifeworks: chelation, major autohemotherapy (mah), and glutathione. The treatment is a type of ozone therapy designed to enhance the effects of all three iv’s and benefit the circulatory system while also detoxing the body and reducing the inflammation.

Fear and frustration. These are the two different emotions that floods the minds of those currently enduring the harsh symptoms of cardiovascular disease. Both are common feelings due to how unpredictable these conditions are and most people have more questions than answers regarding them. Some questions that people might find themselves asking are, “Why me?”, “What did I do wrong that I could’ve done differently to prevent this from happening?”, and “I have a good medical history and I haven’t inherited heart problems, so where did this come from?” Luckily, there are answers to these questions, it’s just unfortunately not mentioned enough within the medical industry. For those who are constantly asking themselves these questions, please take some time to reflect on the past. Have you ever suffered from a major injury such as an ankle sprain, a major bruise, accidental cut, or broken arm? When a part of the body becomes injured, this automatically activates the immune system in sending cells to heal the damaged area. Subsequently, as the cells heal the injury, you’ll notice this section of your body become red or swollen. This is called inflammation.

While this is a good sign that your body is performing its job by reacting to the disturbance, inflammation can also trigger a series of other health issues overtime; one of them being clogged arteries from plaque deposits. As most people are aware, when arteries become clogged, this can lead to coronary heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions. So the next question that pops up within our minds is, “How can we treat inflammation in order to improve our heart health?” At LifeWorks Wellness Center, we suggest the CheZone Treatment.

What is CheZone?

CheZone combines three different intravenous regimens at LifeWorks: Chelation, Major Autohemotherapy (MAH), and Glutathione. The treatment is a type of Ozone therapy designed to enhance the effects of all three IV’s and benefit the circulatory system while also detoxing the body and reducing the inflammation.

Step 1: MAH

MAH is described as a therapy that uses “supercharged” oxygen to help improve the immune system. The patient is injected with an IV which removes approximately 100 to 250ml of blood into a sterilized IV bag. The blood is mixed with ozone to allow the red and white blood cells to absorb it before returning into the patient.

Step 2: Chelation

This is then followed by a chelation, the second intravenous treatment that uses a solution made from EDTA, vitamin C, B complex and Magnesium to pull out heavy metals through the urine. This clears out the built up calcium deposits within the arterial walls and decreases the chances of hardening arteries, thus reducing the risks of strokes and heart attacks.

Step 3: Glutathione

The final IV treatment that is administered is glutathione; a detoxification mechanism that protects the body from inflammation. Glutathione heavily impacts the power of the other two treatments listed above by providing an antioxidant to enhance the immune system, and assist with cellular repair.

Together, all three IV’s create a powerful treatment to fight cardiovascular conditions and significantly help to reduce any future heart disease risks.

CheZone Effects on Heart Health

CheZone was innovated in Nevada by Dr. Shallenberger as a safe, non-invasive alternate to treating heart conditions. Beginning as a regular chelation treatment, the CheZone added in ozone to further enhance the effectiveness of the therapy. At LifeWorks, our purpose is to not only diagnose the issue, but to discover the root cause of it. In many cases, patients with severe heart conditions are unaware of the built-up inflammation and bacteria within their bodies that induced the blockage within their arteries. As previously stated, inflammation is most often caused by a past injury, however, inflammation can also be an allergic reaction to constant intake of environmental toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals and bacterial exposure. When individuals continuously ingest toxins into their bodies, this worsens their inflammation, further inducing cardiovascular risks. The addition of ozone is used to clean the circulatory system of all types of heavy metals such as arsenic, nickel, mercury, cadmium, and lead that causes the plaque buildup within the artery walls. Ozone also enables the cells to use the oxygen at a higher efficiency to heal the inflamed areas.

LifeWorks Provides CheZone Treatments

LifeWorks Wellness Center highly believes in the use of Ozone therapies to treat a wide range of ailments from autoimmune disease, Lyme Disease, inflammation, heavy metal toxicity, and cardiovascular disease. CheZone is specifically recommended for those who suffer from both heart conditions and heavy metal toxicity. All of the treatments involved in CheZone play a different role in handling each major issue within the system, and thus can treat each problem individually making it more effective as compared to doing an MAH, Chelation or Glutathione separately.

Prior to receiving a CheZone Treatment, it must first be ordered through a LifeWorks practitioner. If you would like to schedule an appointment or inquire more about the CheZone, please call 727-466-6789.