Peptide Therapies

The LL-37 Peptide

Ll-37 peptide is an antimicrobial peptide and serves as an alternative to antibiotics.

According to the National Institute of Health, “the human body contains trillions of microorganisms that outnumber cells by 10 to 1¹.” While some of these microorganisms are essential for human health, others contain harmful bacteria that include viruses, fungi and parasites. A collection of malevolent bacteria often leads to an assortment of conditions such as autoimmune disease, inflammation, infections, and influenza. Other bad bacteria has ways of seeping into the body to cause bacterial diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF), Environmental Toxicity, STDs, Leaky Gut, etc. At LifeWorks Wellness Center, we specialize in treating bacterial diseases, inflammation and toxic overload. We’re especially known for our 90% success rate in treating Lyme disease patients. Our method of treatment consists of Ozone therapies, detoxification, a special diet plan, supplementation and peptides. When it comes to bacterial diseases, one peptide that we highly recommend to patients is LL-37.

What is Peptide LL-37?

LL-37 is an antimicrobial peptide (AMP) that belongs to the cathelicidin family and serves as an alternative to antibiotics. An AMP can eliminate the bugs, regulate bacterial invasions, and control infections and inflammation. The peptide is naturally produced within the body through various tissues and circulates throughout different cells including bone marrow cells, epithelial cells and gastrointestinal tract cells. However, if the body doesn’t produce enough, it becomes vulnerable to bad bacteria, eventually causing it to accumulate pathogens and create chronic diseases and inflammation. Peptides contain amino acids that release certain proteins to focus on refining certain bodily functions. LL-37 contains approximately 12-80 amino acids with the purpose of assisting patients build immunity and fight contagious viruses.

The Benefits of Peptide LL-37

Peptide LL-37 acts as the first line of defense when the body is suffering from injuries, infections, wounds or inflammation. Because of this, the peptide is useful in treating those suffering from tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme, RMSF, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and Colorado Tick Fever. Other research has shown that the peptide is effective in treating conditions such as diabetes, E. Coli, Candida Albicans, and certain types of cancer. While it’s mostly known for its anti-biofilm, the peptide also plays a critical role in regulating inflammatory molecules and contains healing properties to damaged tissues. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer with autoimmune disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, arthritis or Lupus.

Fighting Bacterial Diseases at LifeWorks

A majority of chronic illnesses are born from one bad microorganism within the body. What many are unaware of is that most bacteria are actually helpful for the system and that less than 1% cause people to get sick², but when that small percentage does make its way into the body, it spreads rapidly. Conventional doctors usually prescribe antibiotics to take care of these types of pathogens, however antibiotics will kill all types of bacteria, including the good ones that your body needs. Additionally, malevolent bacteria can grow resistant to antibiotics, making it useless in the long-term and causing the illness to worsen. At LifeWorks, our approach to fighting bacteria is the use of a multitude of natural treatments with the inclusion of peptide LL-37 to avoid the elimination of good bacteria. If you or someone that you know is experiencing symptoms of bacterial disease, autoimmune disease, Lyme, etc. please call to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners at 727-466-6789.