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LifeWorks Wellness Center Offers 30-Minute Alternative Therapy for Heart Disease Patients

Lifeworks wellness center offers 30-minute alternative therapy for heart disease patients

Heart disease kills more than 500,000 Americans yearly and is the leading cause of death in America. “Chelation therapy” is a non-surgical infusion therapy that has been used for improving circulation and reducing arteriosclerosis in patients with heart disease. Until recently, chelation therapy required a cumbersome three-hour infusion, but now LifeWorks Wellness Center is offering a new chelation therapy that speeds the delivery to just 30 minutes, allowing busy patients to easily fit chelation treatments into their schedules.

Approximately 1 million Americans suffer new or recurring heart attacks each year. About two thirds of those who experience heart attacks never fully recover, and 42 percent usually die within the year from it. What’s more astounding is that 50 percent of men and 64 percent of women who die from heart disease experience no previous symptoms of it, according to the American Heart Association. Overall, heart disease costs the country an estimated $133 billion a year.

In 1997, there were 800,000 people who received chelation therapy. Today, chelation therapy has become so popular that the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute are conducting the first large-scale, $30 million dollar clinical trial to study chelation’s effectiveness against heart disease.

Bypass surgery is one treatment for heart disease, but it can be ineffective, and costly – not to mention risky. During bypass surgery, about 5 percent of patients have cardiac arrests or strokes; about 1-2 percent actually die.

Chelation therapy is a safer, less expensive, less invasive alternative that has shown positive results in improving circulation and blood flow. Chelation therapy is administered by infusion of an amino acid called EDTA that is scientifically proven to remove metals from the body. Some researchers believe that as chelation removes toxic metals from the body, oxidative stress diminishes and cholesterol levels lower, allowing blood to flow more freely through your arteries.

Traditional EDTA chelation required a 3-hour infusion process that was very cumbersome and required the patient to sit or lay down for that length of time. The new calcium chelation is able to speed up this delivery process to just 30 minutes.

Patients seeking to prevent the need for surgery may benefit from an evaluation and course of chelation therapy. The LifeWorks Wellness Center consultation determines whether chelation therapy would be suitable and effective for you.  To schedule your consultation, call 877-543-3975; local (727) 466-6789

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