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LifeWorks Wellness Center Patient Success Story*

Lifeworks wellness center patient success story. A bog thank you for the entire staff

Dr. Minkoff,
I wish to thank you and your staff for the professional care you all gave me.

I thank:

  • Petal, who was so kind to a skeptical, questioning person.
  • Danielle’s wonderful smiling attitude.
  • Savannah, with a beautiful smile.
  • Jessica, who endured my consultation with Dr. M.
  • Tamora, who has explained each therapy and financial expectation.
  • Leanna and Marisa, with their patience with my scheduling needs.
  • Ashley and Claire, for patiently explaining tests.
  • Lisa, for teaching me about metals.
  • Mary Pat, for her care and sage advice.
  • IV Team, who are so kind and caring.
  • Holly, for being an excellent leader.
  • Wanda, with a beautiful, caring heart.

I thank each and every one!