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Sandi’s LifeWorks’ Success Story*

Sandi’s lifeworks’ success story

Hi Tamora,

You were busy with a patient as I was leaving the office today so I wasn’t able to speak with you I think it’s very important that yourself and Dr. Minkoff know just how wonderful your entire staff is I have never encountered such consistent professional respectable AND fun staff in a doctor’s office in my entire life. I truly mean that.

And Goran at the front desk was so respectful when I was checking out today. It was my well-women checkup and that is always so uncomfortable and he never once brought attention to that fact. That is so unusual for a young man. He is a keeper and I hope he can advance in the practice if he chooses to.

I’m practically in tears as I write this email because I’m so humble by this practice and how this staff conducts themselves.

I just wanted you and Dr. Minkoff to know this

Thanks so very much