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Lack of Energy – Resolved!*

Lifeworks patient who healed from epstein barr virus

Shortly after going through menopause in my early fifties, my body began to evidence those first signs of aging – first I was diagnosed with high blood pressure; then, a bout of heart arrhythmia; finally, and worst, a nagging lack of energy. I resigned myself to the hard fact that I would never feel the energy of my youth again. I was growing old.

However, five months ago, when new and major breakdowns occurred – severe intestinal problems, daily fatigue, and then major hair loss – I turned to Life Works Wellness Center and poured out the list of my symptoms to Dr. George Springer. Thanks to his wise evaluation and the regimen of natural supplements he prescribed for me, after only four months, I feel that my aging process has reversed itself!

My blood pressure is averaging at or near normal. The re-growth of my hair is so manifest that my hairdresser commented to me last time that my hair is “very, very healthy.” But best of all, I have so much energy that I can once again keep a fast-paced and energetic schedule all day long (no naps needed). I truly feel that I have regained the fifteen years I lost after menopause. Thanks to the wise and caring Dr. Springer, now at the age of 67, happily I am no longer growing old – I’m growing young again!

– A.S.