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"You Gave My Life Back to Me..."

It took 4 years to find a competent Doctor! Everything started slowly.

My joints hurt, tingling in my hands and feet, and all my muscles hurt and extreme back pain. Every step I made hurt. I was always tired and tired. Sometimes there were days where I could not see properly.

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So Pleased with Karima*

I came into LifeWorks Wellness Center as a new patient to handle headaches and periodic low-grade fevers I had been experiencing. I was scheduled with Karima NP and I was so pleased at her ability to relate to me and come up with a treatment plan.

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Kindness and Compassion*

Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion. LifeWorks is truly a haven for hope and healing to so many! I have met so many people here that are suffering – I have cried with them, prayed with them, held them in my arms.

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Thank You, Sue*

I would like to thank Sue Morgan who has been really wonderful in taking care of all my wellness needs.

She has been very caring, professional and understanding in every way. I feel very comfortable in all my treatments and she takes special attention to answer all my questions.

Lifeworks has been very supportive of me over many years and never fails to get the results I want. Thank you to Sue Morgan and all the staff for your friendly and knowledgeable service.

- S.H.

Alma's LifeWorks Success Story*

This place amazes me. The friendliness is unsurpassed. Everywhere you go you are greeted with kindness/friendliness. Even staff I’ve never met great me.

Patience is shown to all. Keep up the great work! Thanks so much!

- Alma

Benji's LifeWorks Success Story*

Dear Dr. Minkoff,

You are awesome! Thank you for helping us!  We appreciate everything you have done to help Benji.  You deserve a gold medal.

Thanks, Dave & Susan N.

"Thank you for being an amazing doctor." - Benji

Sandi's Lifeworks' Success Story*

I think it’s very important that yourself and Dr. Minkoff know just how wonderful your entire staff is I have never encountered such consistent professional respectable AND fun staff in a doctor’s office in my entire life.

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Karen's Lifeworks' Success Story Video*

LifeWorks' patient, Karen tells her story of unresolved illness which she suffered from for many years and how she finally found relief when she came to see Dr. Minkoff. Watch her video testimonial.



LifeWorks – Changed Everything*

I came to LifeWorks 11 months ago, a medical train wreck. For three and a half years I went to doctor after doctor to figure out why I couldn’t think or function – I felt awful 24/7. No one could figure it out until I saw Dr. Springer – he changed everything.

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       *Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient's medical history and other factors.


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