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Laboratory Tests

Lab tests we offer at our clinic: detailed health screen, chronic fatigue immune profile, digestive integrity analysis

At LifeWorks, the key is diagnosis. And the key to fast and effective diagnosis is our sophisticated battery of tests. The results of these tests give our practitioners exactly what they need to get the message your body would really like to send, if only it could. With these lab tests, we can usually see the complete picture of your health at its most fundamental, cellular level. Treatment programs become simpler, more direct and efficient, and they can actually cost much less than programs developed without testing.

The following are a few of the lab tests we offer at our Clearwater clinic, above and beyond basic blood work:

  • Detailed Health Screen
  • Chronic Fatigue Immune Profile. To diagnose the exact deficiencies within the immune system.
  • Digestive Integrity Analysis/ Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Cellular Nutritional Analysis/ Intracellular Vitamin Analysis
  • Liver Detoxification Challenge/ Profile
  • Essential Mineral Analysis
  • 24-Hour Hormone Analysis/ Comprehensive Hormone Profile
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Essential Fatty Acid Analysis
  • A Personalized Program

What is the best program for optimum health?

Every person is unique with your own set of environmental concerns and problems, some of which are affecting your health that you may not even be aware of. As a result we have found that every health program must be unique and tailored to the individual’s needs and health concerns. The first step is to call and make an appointment for your initial diagnostic workup. We will help you determine what needs to be handled first based upon your medical history, test results and examination. This will lead to a plan for health restoration that will begin the first phase of your personalized health program.

Then, in order of importance, each additional imbalance or illness is addressed in the same manner. Once you’ve completed addressing the specific areas of dysfunction you go onto a program of health maintenance and prevention. This program may include such things as, wellness check-ups, supplements, nutritional consultations and massage therapy, depending upon your personal needs.

Your body is a very complex machine with many systems, with all of its vital parts functioning as a whole. We take pride in being able to offer the most effective conventional and integrative treatments that are both compatible and integrated with each other. We are interested in total health, not just treating one or two symptoms and sending you on your way. With a strong, healthy immune system and a body that is functioning at 100% optimum levels, you can enjoy life to it fullest.

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