Please note that this service has to be ordered by one of our practitioners and cannot be booked by a patient without a consultation.

What Is It?

The machine is a plate with bars that one holds onto and it actually vibrates. As most of us know, gravity pulls us down. The vibra-plate provides a counter effect to this process.

With the counter wave that is produced by the vibra-plate, it is providing the same effect as gravity but from the other side. Our body is caught in the middle of these waves and the effects are beneficial it is, in fact, as effective as regular exercise.

What Are The Benefits?

Studies have shown that only 12 minutes on the plate can equal 1.5 hours of working out with weights.

In addition, benefits are:

  • increased muscle strength
  • increase of certain hormones in the body
  • increase in fat loss (one study showed 54% more visceral fat loss when compared to traditional aerobics and strength training)
  • improves neurological issues
  • improves flexibility
  • improves age related muscle wasting
  • reduces pain
  • reduces cellulite
  • increases lymphatic movement
  • decreases risk of osteoporosis

Another advantage, is for elderly, who have a difficult time getting around, it will provide benefits as well as cardiovascular benefits, increased blood flow through stiffening veins and will support lowering of blood pressure.

Dr. Minkoff

About Dr. Minkoff

In 1995, Dr. Minkoff's wife became ill and her physicians couldn't find what was wrong. Not accepting their "no hope" conclusion, Dr. Minkoff went on a search to help her which led him out of emergency medicine into complementary and alternative medicine to find the answers. In the process he gained expertise in Biological medicine, heavy metal detoxification, anti-aging medicine, hormone replacement therapy, functional medicine, energy medicine, neural and prolotherapy, homeopathy and optimum nutrition. He studied under the masters in each of these disciplines until he became an expert in his own right. The answers he found were soon in demand when others learned of his wife’s return to good health. In response to this, he and his wife, Sue Minkoff RN established LifeWorks Wellness Center in 1997 and it quickly became one of the most comprehensive complementary and alternative medicine clinics in the U.S.