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Patient Successes

“I was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer and given a 36% chance of survival. Stage IV cancer (of any kind) is life threatening because this means the cancer has spread from its original site to other areas of the body. read the full testimonial


“If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) or other chronic illness, I hope my story gives you encouragement that there is a path to regaining your life. Thanks to Dr. Minkoff and the Lifeworks Wellness Center staff, I am steadily regaining my strength and health, and feel like life is worth living again! read the full testimonial


thumb happy"My life is completely different one year after beginning my treatment with Dr. Springer. I was born without an esophagus and had some spinal abnormalities. As a result, I have had many surgeries to correct my spine and fix my esophagus. read the full testimonial