Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness in North America and Europe and is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. Deer ticks typically carry the bacteria, which they spread to humans while feeding on their blood, but other insects including mosquitoes are also implicated.

Some people will experience a rash in the shape of a bull’s-eye around the site of the tick bite, while others who have been bitten never see a rash at all. About 25% of people will experience flu-like symptoms which they usually do not associate with being bitten. So, with no clear indicators that a tick bite has occurred, most people go untreated until more serious symptoms begin to prevail.

However, other Lyme Disease symptoms may be present and can include:

  • Flu-like symptoms - Fever, chills, fatigue, body aches and a headache may accompany the rash.
  • Joint pain - If the infection is not treated, bouts of severe joint pain and swelling, weakness and arthritis may occur, particularly in the knees.
  • Unexplained Symptoms - Brain Fog, malaise, fatigue, dizziness, aches and pains, headaches, anxiety, mood swings, depression, abdominal pains, nausea, diarrhea, sleep disturbances, stiff neck
  • Neurological problems - In some cases, untreated infection resulting from Lyme disease may result in inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain (meningitis), temporary paralysis of one side of the face (Bell's palsy) and weakness, numbness, tingling, shooting pains or burning in different parts of the body or limbs. 

Considered one of the top Lyme Disease Clinics in the nation, we frequently have patients fly in from around the world with a myriad of conditions. Some of these patients are seeking expert diagnosis and treatment for Lyme Disease and others for unexplained, unresolved health issues. Many patients are startled to discover their poor health is a result of having Lyme Disease.

With over 15 years of treating Lyme Disease, Dr. David Minkoff is considered a world-renowned Lyme Disease expert and is routinely interviewed by the media and asked to speak at international Lyme Disease Conferences to discuss the current state of Lyme Disease, his breakthrough treatment protocols and patient success stories. He has developed a uniquely effective, multi-protocol program for treating stubborn Lyme Disease infections, while also simultaneously strengthening and rebuilding the patient's health and immunity.

If you have been to other doctors and are not happy with the Lyme disease treatment you are receiving or if you have a stubborn health condition you feel may be attributed to Lyme disease, you owe it to yourself and your family to get a Lyme disease test to confirm a diagnosis.

Please watch the patient videos below and read some of the testimonials further down the page to see how many patients were suffering due to lack of proper Lyme treatment and how their lives were transformed after proper diagnosis and effective Lyme disease treatment.  Contact us at 727-466-6789 or make a request online.

Myths about Lyme Disease

Dr. Minkoff discusses common myths about lyme disease and its treatment

Common Questions & Answers about Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme Disease Doctor Reviews & Testimonials

Nothing says it better than our wonderful patients who are willing to share their stories about their treatment and recovery from Lyme Disease. Please be sure to also check out our Lyme Disease Treatment Testimonials and hundreds of patient reviews poosted on Facebook!


 If you or someone you love has Lyme Disease and are seeking effective treatment options, please contact us at 727-466-6789 or contact us online.


Lyme Disease Treatment Essentials

What is Lyme Disease

what-is-lyme-disease Lyme disease is a condition that is spread by deer ticks, and anyone who is bitten by a deer tick has the potential of developing Lyme disease. It’s been known since 1975, when children who lived around or played in wooded areas...

Lyme Disease Symptoms

lyme-disease-symptoms Lyme disease often presents a spectrum of symptoms that are often overlooked as Lyme related symptoms. Patient may not be presenting with the hallmark Lyme rash that develops after a tick or mosquito bite and often don’t recall being bitten, contributing to a high rate of Lyme misdiagnosis...

Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms

Chronic Lyme Disease SymptomsChronic Lyme disease often presents a wide range of symptoms which can mimic the symptoms of other conditions. Patients whose Lyme disease goes undiagnosed for months or even years, run the risk of developing chronic Lyme disease symptoms...

Lyme Disease Treatment

lyme-disease-treatment Lyme disease is a condition that is spread by deer ticks and in some cases mosquitoes, and anyone who is bitten by a deer tick has the potential of developing Lyme disease. Several treatments are available, with varying levels of efficacy...

Lyme Disease Stages

lyme disease stages Lyme disease was first reported in the United States in the town of Old Lyme, Connecticut, in 1977 when children who lived around or played in wooded areas came down with pains, aches, fever, and a pervasive feeling of illness...

Lyme Disease Diagnosis

lyme disease diagnosis A Lyme disease diagnosis can be very difficult to make as the disease is known as the “great imitator” since it mimics the symptoms of other chronic conditions. A practitioner can usually make a Lyme disease diagnosis if the patient presents in...

Treating Chronic Lyme Disease

lyme-disease-symptoms Chronic Lyme disease often presents a wide range of symptoms which can mimic the symptoms of other conditions. Patients whose Lyme disease goes undiagnosed for months or even years, run the risk of developing chronic Lyme disease symptoms which may include arthritis, fatigue and anxiety...



Lyme Disease Treatment Testimonials


Lyme Disease Therapies

Ozone Therapies

Ozone is found in its natural state in higher levels of the atmosphere and is blue in color, hence the sky is blue. In medical use, ozone is made by passing pure oxygen through an electric coil which gives it three atoms, instead of two, making it O3. It is the addition of the third oxygen atom that makes ozone “supercharged” oxygen...

IV Therapy

IV Therapy in Clearwater & Tampa Florida In today’s modern society of nutrient depleted food (fast food, processed food, vegetables picked green and shipped thousands of miles and stored in coolers for weeks or months before we eat them), and daily exposure to hundreds of toxic chemicals, our bodies are “left out in the cold” so to speak, and health suffers. Many...

BioPhoton Therapy & UVB Light Therapy

LifeWorks Wellness Center recently added UVBI therapy (also known as Biophoton Light Therapy) to its list of cutting-edge therapies & services. This combination of ozone therapy with biophoton therapy (UVB light therapy) offers relief to patients who suffer from chronic infections and viruses...

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

When the cells of the body have been injured, such as with trauma or toxin overload or even cancer, they may lose their ability to generate proper energy levels to maintain their health. When this occurs they will swell and heal slowly or not at all. The result may be chronic swelling, or chronic...

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (Mas Mat)

Detox, Pain Relief, Cell-Rejuvenation and much more. Pain is a message from our body. The tissue cries out for energy flow, in the form of magnetic fields. The reason that Pulsed Magnetic Field (PMF) therapy works so effectively is because it supports the metabolism and increases the blood flow throughout the whole body. Red blood...


Dr. Minkoff on Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme Disease in the News

Avril Lavigne's New Song About Lyme
Singer/song writer, Avril Lavigne has released her first new song in about 5 years and it's about her struggle with Lyme Disease. 

Lyme Cases Surging in Florida

lymedisease Doctors had initially told Jackie Dube, that her symptoms were psychosomatic. After years of hearing that, but dealing with my eyes swollen shut, a dislocated jaw and shoulder, fistulas in my thighs, I was finally tested for Lyme and was positive.

East Asian Tick Makes it to the US

ticks lyme usPeople in the United States are already aware of the dangers of getting bitten by a tick that carries Lyme disease. Recently a new tick danger arrived on the scene. A native of Eastern Asia, the bush tick or longhorn tick has recently been found on livestock in NJ.

Billionaire & Entire Family Tests Positive for Lyme Disease

john caudwell with son rufus caudwell smallBritish billionaire John Caudwell, founder of Phones 4U, recently went public with the devastating discovery that his entire family—himself included—has been diagnosed with the masquerading Lyme disease....

Pop Rock Singer Avril Lavigne Battles Lyme Disease

avril lavigne lyme disease treatmentIn April of 2015, Avril Lavigne revealed to People magazine that she had been diagnosed with a chronic form of Lyme disease. Avril dealt with inexplicable symptoms for months until finally being correctly diagnosed and put on a path to recovery. Her publicized experience with Lyme helps to raise awareness of the chronic disease that continues to affect thousands, perhaps millions, every year. 

Celebrity Yolanda Foster Announces Children Also Have Lyme Disease

yolanda foster children lyme disease sm

Yolanda Foster, prominent celebrity on the reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012. Until this year, the diagnoses of her two children Bella and Anwar Hadid had been kept from the public eye.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Daughter Fights Lyme Disease

amy hilfiger lyme disease smlTommy Hilfiger--famous American fashion designer and founder of the popular menswear brand Tommy Hilfiger Corporation—is no longer the only Hilfiger standing in the “lyme-light”. Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter Ally Hilfiger has recently gone public with her excruciating battle with Lyme disease.


Learn More About Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme Disease in Children

lyme-disease-symptoms Cases of Lyme disease are really on the increase throughout the US and 25% of all new cases reported are children. Lyme disease in children is most common in boys aged 5-9 years old...

Lyme and Antibiotics

Treatment with antibiotics for Lyme disease may be effective if the disease is correctly diagnosed in the early stages. However, the longer the patient goes without seeking treatment, Lyme disease may be very difficult to get under control with antibiotics...

Lyme Disease in Florida

Historically, Lyme disease outbreaks had thought to have been contained in the northeastern part of the US, but it is now recognized that Lyme disease in Florida is becoming a real problem...

Lyme Disease in Women

Lyme disease in women can be very unpleasant, especially if it is not diagnosed correctly at an early stage. Women who believe they may have been infected by the bacteria genusBorreila from a deer tick or mosquito bite should seek medical help immediately, especially if symptoms develop...

Lyme Disease Test

lyme disease testA Lyme disease test is usually ordered by a practitioner when a patient displays symptoms of Lyme disease. The test for Lyme disease is a blood test which detects antibodies to the bacteria spirochetes Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria spread by certain ticks and arthropods...

Lyme Disease Borreliosis

lyme-disease-symptoms Lyme disease is an infectious disease caused by three species of bacteria transmitted by the deer tick and quite possibly by mosquitoes, too. The bacteria belong to the genusBorreila and hence the disease is often identified as Lyme Borreliosis...



       *Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient's medical history and other factors.


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