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Lyme for 17 Years – Now I’m Healthy!

Happy middle aged woman dancing near a lake, thankful for finally receiving the lyme treatment she needed

For LifeWorks Wellness Center… you’re the bomb.

I think we are all works in progress. Dr. Minkoff, I am sure, would agree!

I was diagnosed in 1983 with Lyme and have had the experience of treating the symptoms with “band aids” whether it was antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, drawers full of supplements and homeopathic remedies. Then I had a horse with a career ending injury. I began ozone (my own concoctions…) on him and me.

Dr. Minkoff put me straight and over the years through his insights he has had the daunting task of fine tuning my health regimen! He found secondary and tertiary problems with the Lyme that had been left untreated. I was sick.

After caring for a very sick husband for several years, Dr. Minkoff revisited what I needed to do. I cannot say enough about his PerfectAmino’s… don’t think, just take them! I lost 30 pounds and easily put on enough muscle to be asked to model my new body … no I didn’t. The point is that I have been given a new opportunity to feel well and accomplish new interests in a dynamic and healthy way, lucky. Carlabeth and I talk about this trajectory I am on. Where would I be without her!

So, if you are reading this, I wish you encouragement and am so pleased for you that you have found yourself in Dr. Minkoff’s inspired and capable hands. Be well!


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