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Eecp helped my heart health!

Positive Changes with EECP

I completed 35 sessions of EECP yesterday and these are some of the changes I have noticed. After the first week of EECP (5 days), I went to the gym Esporta and worked out ...

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Irina realized that her 20 year old pain wasn't there!

Realized I Was Not in Pain!*

This morning I realized that I was not in pain and that I have not been in pain for several weeks. I have had low grade body pain for at least 20 years. Nagging muscle soren...

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Brain fog and confusion being erased away

IASIS and ADD Symptoms*

IASIS has been such a help for me.  After several sessions I have noticed a huge increase in clarity, energy, decline in brain fog and ability to focus and complete a task.  I...

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I feel like a new person after treatment.

I Feel 10 Years Younger!*

My doctor told me at my last doctor’s appointment that I had some white blood cells that were starting to get higher than normal and wanted me to see a specialist.  She told m...

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David's pemf treatment.

PEMF Therapy for Back Pain*

When I arrived at LifeWorks, I had pain from the lower back on my left side up to my heal of my left foot. Since I started working with the PEMF therapy, I have noticed an im...

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Patient climbing stairs. Prolozone helped my knees

No More Daily Knee Brace*

This is a voluntary recommendation to use Karima Redouan A.P.R.N.; a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner for Prolozone Therapy. My name is Neal G. and I am a retired ...

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Happy woman who received effective cancer treatment

“NO CANCER, None, Nada”*

I just couldn’t wait to thank you for all the amazing treatments and compassion that everyone shows.  You’ve made this experience more tolerable and even a joy.  My news is th...

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We find the root cause of your health issue

Found The Root Cause*

Dear Dr. Springer and Sue Morgan, Thank you for all your help in ascertaining the root of my health problem. It is unfortunate that most doctors these days don’t uncover th...

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Doctor holding patient's hand

“She Helped Me Greatly”*

Glenda has made my time checking out after a long day of treatments, light-hearted and relaxing.  She is super knowledgeable and goes above and beyond with service.  Even when...

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Hbot helped our patient get rid of arthritis pain

No Arthritis Pain After HBOT*

I noticed since I have been in treatment, I have not noticed any pain with my arthritis. I used to wake up in the morning all stiff and sore.  I realized a few days ago that ...

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Prolozone for spinal issues

Pain is Greatly Decreased*

I saw Karima for prolozone injections for my SI joints on January 28th. Previously, I’ve had 3 back surgeries and fusions from L-4 to L-5. I didn’t want another surgery (nor t...

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A woman breathing easy

I Am Breathing Better*

I have been in treatment about four weeks. I have rarely experienced such professional treatment. All the people that I have come in contact with have been friendly and helpfu...

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Blood draw at lifeworks wellness center

Love The Center*

Hey!  I’ve loved the center so far.  I came yesterday and have already referred it.  Just got my blood drawn with Dielle and she was awesome!  My veins are very, very thin and...

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Mas mat testimonial

Dr. Minkoff is Fantastic!*

I really appreciate Tiffany’s sweetness.  She is a very good listener and is fun to talk to. Dr. Minkoff is fantastic, very knowledgeable and experienced. The whole staf...

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The belly of a woman in need of gastrointestinal treatment tampa. We offer leaky gut therapy

No More Belly Pain!*

What a momentous feeling to enjoy my last treatment at LifeWorks and BE CURED 100%!  I had tried everything before coming here. I was bedridden in pain and miserable with a va...

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A lyme disease causing tick. We offer lyme disease treatments

Cleared of all Lyme*

I haven’t felt well for several years. My family doctor ordered bloodwork 2 x and nothing abnormal showed up. So I was ordered to go home and exercise and lose weight! I conti...

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A man with severe pain. We offer hip pain therapies

Severe Hip Pain Alleviated*

I’d like to express my appreciation to LifeWorks Wellness Center and their staff for alleviating my severe hip socket pain, both sides.  I retired from work in September of 20...

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Our patient received successful lyme disease treatment

Video: Lyme For A Decade

Thomas contracted Lyme disease over a decade ago.  His initial onset did not include the "traditional" bullseye mark symptom and his then doctor did not recognize his symptoms...

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Our patient denise talks about her root canal removal

Video: Root Canal Removal

Denise tells her story of how she came to LifeWorks two years ago and was told that she should have her root canals removed. She put it off until recently. Listen to the chang...

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Man suffering from adrenal fatigue and seeking help

Video: Adrenal Stress

Your Adrenals And How They Impact Daily Health Symptoms of adrenal stress are extensive and include low energy, stress, pain, fatigue and brain fog. Dr. Minkoff explains how ...

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A patient holding the doctor's hand as a sign of gratitude

Cancer Success*

I have found a caring, loving family here at LifeWorks. Since my arrival on April 26th, I have felt love, concern and very compassionate people – with lots of smiles that welc...

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Our patient roger’s pemf testimonial

Roger’s PEMF Testimonial*

After 4 treatments of PEMF: "...I sleep 4 – 6 hours each night before I have to get up to go to the bathroom. Before treatment I was up every hour to hour and a half. I also ...

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Treating mold exposure and healing gerd symptoms!

Deb’s Mold Testimonial*

Dear Dr Minkoff, I promised a letter and here it is! First and foremost, thanks for curing me! My journey began 7 years ago.  I was experiencing severe hair loss, hor...

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Kelley describes how she lived with chronic pain for years until she was correctly diagnosed with lyme disease

Video: Testimonial*

LifeWorks Wellness Center's patient, Kelley,  describes how she lived with chronic pain for years until she was correctly diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

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Deb's cancer testimonial. We offer alternative cancer therapies that work

Cancer Treatment Success*

I came to LifeWorks for the first time on Feb. 3, 2016, with a diagnosis of vocal cord cancer and constant hoarseness and difficulty speaking. Within weeks of starting my trea...

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A person climbing stairs. We offer prolozone therapy for many health issues

Prolozone Therapy*

After receiving the Prolozone shot I was able to walk up flights of steps without any pain. I cannot thank you enough for your amazing natural medicine. Jenette  

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Our patient roger’s pemf testimonial

Success Story – Prolozone*

I am very lucky. Visiting my daughter in Clearwater, I had a lot of pain which was excruciating when going up steps. My daughter and her husband both had joint pain, but after...

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Our patient roger’s pemf testimonial

Prolozone & Pain*

Hi Dr. Minkoff, First I want to thank you for the gift you gave to me. The gift of leaving your office after one Prolozone injection – PAIN FREE. I will include you and your ...

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Closeup image of someone's injured knee. We offer joint pain therapies

Fibromyalgia Success*

When I came to LifeWorks for the first time in Nov, 2014, I was miserable. I had Fibromyalgia which caused me to have a lot of pain all over my body and I could not be&nb...

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A man suffering from knee pain. We offer prolozone therapy sessions for severe aches and pains

Success Prolozone Therapy*

I have a meniscus tear in my left knee due to an accident which happened 6 months ago. I have been seeing an orthopedic surgeon since then. His rooster comb injections (3) did...

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Our patient received successful prolozone treatment for her hip pain.

Prolozone Video Testimonial*

I am 99 years old and have had both hips replaced. Recently I have been in a lot of pain in my hips and my Orthopedic doctor said I had so much arthritis in my hips there was ...

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Lifeworks offers successful prolozone therapy for various diseases

Success Prolozone Therapy*

My left hip had regular pain on the top and bottom of the pelvic bone which seemed to connect with pain behind my left knee. I would constantly be rubbing behind my left knee ...

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The first set of alternative ipt treatments really impressed our patient who recovered from breast cancer tumors receded

IPT Low-Dose Chemo*

The first set of alternative IPT treatments really impressed me. My breast cancer tumors receded and skin lesions started healing along with those metastasized tumors I felt w...

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Happy woman after finding out she is cancer free after receiving treatment at lifeworks

Success Story Dr. Minkoff*

I came to LifeWorks a complete physical wreck. I had just had a total hysterectomy to handle uterine cancer. I couldn’t handle my body temperature, physical energy nor could I...

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Image of two construction workers. We offer prolozone treatment for various issues

Prolozone Success Story*

“I have suffered from acute back pain on and off for 25 years and recently it really flared up to the point where I could not walk without a cane. Bending and moving were excr...

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Happy woman who got rid of chronic depression thanks to our treatments

Chronic Depression Gone*

“I thank God and you for the great help you have given me. You bought joy into my life again. Since May of 2007, I was suffering from chronic depression, loss of weight, lack...

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One of our patients talking about his recovery from rheumatoid arthritis, after receiving treatment at lifeworks

Rheumatoid Arthritis*

If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) or other chronic illness, I hope my story gives you encouragement that there is a path to regaining your life.  Thanks to Dr. Minkof...

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A man suffering from joint pain wondering about a possible efficient treatment

Pain Relief*

Hi Tamora. I know it's Saturday night but I just have to tell you that removing the implant from my jaw worked. I've walked without my cane since Tuesday night and I'm doing "...

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Arthritis stomach pain and alternative cancer treatment


After many years of painful arthritis in my feet, the pain has gone. I have worked with Jazz twice and with IV treatments along with supplements and smoothies. The amazing par...

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A big thank you to dr minkoff and his staff hor helping a patient recover from cancer


Dear Dr. Minkoff, I would like to thank you for the care you have been providing me. From the day I entered LifeWorks Wellness Center I felt very comfortable with the care ...

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A healthy man running in the park. We treat prostate naturally

A Miracle Prostate Story*

At the Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, I was told I had Stage IV cancer and there was no cure. My oncologist (cancer doctor) said I would be fighting canc...

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Our patient received successful ivs and the ipt treatments for cancer

Successful IPT Treatment*

My experience here has been really amazing. It’s never good to find out that you have something wrong with you, especially cancer, but I can say that I feel great after my tre...

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A happy, healthy man smiling after receiving prostate cancer treatment at lifeworks

Prostate Cancer*

Way back in 1998 I received a scary report from my then physician that my PSA (prostate specific antigen) was at 6.6 and high for a young 44 year old, and that I needed a need...

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