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Remarkable Journey and Such Remarkable Results*

After gut and lyme treatment i'm ready to start my day

When I first arrived at LifeWorks about a year ago, I was actually in denial regarding my chronic health problems which began over 27 years ago. I was exhausted most of the time, unable to walk more than 5 minutes every other day without crashing, severe food allergies, many digestive difficulties, constant hunger pains, body aches and fibromyalgia pain, brain fog and memory lapses, unable to focus on task more than about 20 minutes, unable to drive more than 15 minutes without crashing the next day etc. etc.

I was actually living a very limited lifestyle, had to shut down my company in CA and was pretty much house bound. I had also been to over 26 different doctors and other health practitioners with no effective help at all and had become disillusioned with the medical profession.

My first meeting with Dr. Minkoff was notable, because he let me rant about the healing field and listened patiently and then began to test me in his own unique way. He showed me that I had Lyme disease, a chronic virus and also had auto-immune condition along with leaky gut, hypothyroid, GI infections and parasite issue and possible other deficiencies. He ordered the most exhaustive amount of test that I had ever done and it appeared then, that maybe there was a way out of the mess my body was in!

I knew we had a long road and started implementing his various treatments, one at a time. We had to start slow, since the body could not do too much at the same time without crashing for a few days. I actually count not even do some of the treatments but we kept at it on what the body could do. My favorite treatments were the auto immune injections and the ozone and then finally the homeopathic treatments for a most severe hypersensitivity for electrical and magnetic fields. He also recommended that I follow the paleo diet, which in the last 8 months has completely changed my health, along with all the other things we were doing.

My progress was slow and steady and I could not even take the supplements that were recommended without severe stimulant reactions and I really appreciate the patience with which the staff were helping me get through each stage. Mary Pat was a huge help and very supportive and I wish to thank her for her compassion. All the staff were a tremendous positive influence on the process of healing and that makes all the difference!

When the most recent the homeopathic treatment for EMF’s was completed, my life completely changed! I am now able to walk, to drive, to take some supplements, I am no longer stuck with attention on my body and limiting myself in everyday activities and being careful, which was my state for at least the last 20 years!

I am sleeping better and for the first time do not feel as though I am constantly dysfunctional! Thank you Dr. Minkoff and your team for such a remarkable journey and such remarkable results!

I still have some more to go but I look forward to the rest with eager anticipation.

Kailash K