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Mitochondrial Dysfunction Treatment & Symptoms

Mitochondria. We offer Mitochondrial Dysfunction Treatment & Symptoms

Mitochondria Dysfunction
can lead to inflammation,
chronic disease & more

Your mitochondria are responsible for creating more than 90%
of the energy needed for your body!
Did you know you have options for treating them?

Mitochondrial Dysfunction Treatment & Symptoms

Understanding of mitochondrial dysfunction and ensuing disease is a relatively emerging discipline, yet it has far-reaching implications for your health. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola in his book Fat for Fuel, damage to the mitochondria is in large part caused by the food we eat, especially the high consumption of sugars and refined carbohydrates. He purports that instead of burning fat for fuel which is much more efficient and healthy for the body, we have turned our bodies into carbohydrate burning machines that cannot utilize fat for energy. Combining this with toxins in the environment, infections, and other issues such as heavy metal toxicity, mitochondrial damage and ensuing disease is becoming more and more widespread.

Let’s explore mitochondrial dysfunction, symptoms, causes, diagnosis and natural treatment options.

What are Mitochondria?

Mitochondria are tiny, energy producing factories within our cells that can be damaged over time, leading to inflammation, chronic diseases, obesity, cancer, and more rapid aging and deterioration of mind and body. According to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, they are responsible for creating more than 90% of the energy needed for the body as well as:

  • Helping cells to carry out metabolic processes of building, breaking down, and recycling those building blocks.
  • Helping make hemoglobin
  • Detoxifying ammonia in the liver
  • Synthesizing estrogen and testosterone
  • Metabolizing cholesterol
  • Production and detoxification of free radicals
  • Metabolizing neurotransmitters
  • Breaking down the carbohydrates, fat, and protein that we eat.

As you can see, healthy mitochondria are essential for energy and overall health and disease prevention.

What is Mitochondria Dysfunction

Dr. Minkoff discusses Mitochondria dysfunction.

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    Symptoms of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

    Because mitochondria play such a huge role in the health of the body, unhealthy mitochondria lead to a variety of ailments and diseases:

    Causes of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

    Diagnosis and Treatment of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

    At LifeWorks Wellness Center we believe the whole body works synergistically to function optimally. This is why we examine all body systems and seek out the root causes of disease and poor health. We look for causes listed above such as poor diet and nutrition, allergies, infections, heavy metal toxicity, Lyme disease and the like to assess what is going wrong in the body to cause mitochondrial dysfunction.

    One test we offer is called Bio-Energy Testing which is a service that measures the energy production of your mitochondria. From this we can learn much about how your body is functioning and your optimal level of carbohydrate intake. We can then recommend a diet such as the Paleo diet to reverse and heal the mitochondria.

    We have many other tests we can run as well as gaining a patient history of symptoms and previous diagnoses. Depending on the diagnosis we have various natural treatments available such as:

    Given the wide range of processes the mitochondria are responsible for, it makes sense that the whole body must be assessed to obtain the correct diagnosis and natural treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction.

    Give us a call at (727) 466-6789 or submit an online inquiry and discuss how we can help you overcome the ravages of mitochondrial dysfunction.

    Mitochondrial Dysfunction Treatment Testimonials


    About Dr. Minkoff, Medical Director

    Dr. David Minkoff graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1974 and was elected to the “Phi Beta Kappa” of medical schools, the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Fraternity for very high academic achievement. He then completed both a Pediatric Residency and a Fellowship in Infectious Disease at the University of California at San Diego. He worked at the University of California and Children’s Hospitals in San Diego as an attending physician in infectious disease while conducting original research on Ribaviron, a broad spectrum anti-viral agent to fight disease. He also co-directed a neo-natal intensive care unit and worked in emergency medicine. In 1992, Dr. Minkoff’s wife Sue, a Registered Nurse, became interested in nutrition and health and began to go to lectures from some of the experts in the field. At the time, Dr. Minkoff was pretty fixed in his view of traditional medicine and it took a lot of convincing to get him to come to one of these lectures. After hearing Dr. Jeffrey Bland speak, Dr. Minkoff had a eureka moment and began pursuing the alternative field with a vengeance. Based on this new knowledge Dr. Minkoff and his wife set up a small clinic in 1997 to help some friends with their medical problems. What began as an experiment blossomed into Lifeworks Wellness Center, one of the most successful clinics for complementary medicine in the United States. In the process, he gained expertise in Biological medicine, integrative oncology, heavy metal detoxification, anti-aging medicine, hormone replacement therapy, functional medicine, energy medicine, neural and prolotherapy, homeopathy, and optimum nutrition. He studied under the masters in each of these disciplines until he became an expert in his own right. Dr. Minkoff is one of the most in-demand speakers in the field and wrote an Amazon best-selling book called The Search For The Perfect Protein. The demand for the products and protocols he discovered became a catalyst for founding BodyHealth.Com, a nutrition company that now manufactures and distributes cutting-edge nutritional solutions for the many health problems of today. Dr. Minkoff writes two free online newsletters, “The Optimum Health Report” and ”The BodyHealth Fitness Newsletter”, to help others learn about optimum health and fitness. Dr. Minkoff is an avid athlete himself and has completed 43 Ironman Triathlons. To keep his fitness maximal, he lives the lifestyle he teaches to others and tries to set an example for others, so they can enjoy a life free of pain and full of energy.