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Dramatic Health Improvements with Hocatt!*

Hocatt can succesfully treat brain fog. We offer dramatic health improvements with hocatt

I started getting HOCATT treatments 3 days per week in Nov as Dr. Minkoff wanted to have a way to increase oxygen in my body to help with a chronic condition plus the start of some cell level cancer activity. Prior to this, I had been exposed to some chemical filled carpet and was struggling with brain fog, burning skin and feeling I could not think straight.  After about 4 treatments, I noticed the brain fog was pretty much gone.  I also noticed less exhaustion, but not a rush type energy, just a more natural level of energy.

Last week, we made some changes and there was a reaction that seems to have precipitated a couple of different viruses all at once.  I actually felt like someone poured concrete into my lungs, every part of the body hurt, and just overall lousy, like the worst flu ever though it was not the flu.  Even with this, I kept at the HOCATT treatments 3 times per week.  I worked last week, part of the weekend, and all this week.  Normally, a viral infection like this would make me unable to do the work schedule I am on, or I could struggle to do it but feel like I was dragging myself to do so.

Today, I was talking to Dr. Minkoff about some things we are doing on my program and I said I was amazed that even with this multifaceted viral infection, involving 2 chronic fatigue viruses, and several other, I was able to work and feel basically ok.  I like that the result is so dramatic and that I can also receive the oxygen as we were not able to do IV therapies.

I think the HOCATT is a great tool for anyone with a chronic health condition, and it is gradient enough that you feel better at the pace you can tolerate.  So far, it seems to be helping to heal parts of my immune system there were having a rough time being able to keep up with everything.


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